Welcome to SaarVadi


Classes to learn traditional Indian instrumental music, including sitar, vocals, folk, and harmonium. We also can offer you Classes in Indian music theory and Vedic philosophy.

Dive deeply into the realms of authentic Indian Mantra and discover ancient rituals. Learn about Indian music theory, Vedanta or traditional yogic practices.

Have a professional Musician perform on your location:
* Classical Indian
* Folk Indian
* Fusion
* Mantra

Bring authentic Indian Music, its theories and cultural heritage to your school, college or university and facilitate an alternate perspective.

We believe that music plays a crucial role in fostering a well-balanced lifestyle.
Both music and ritual ground us in the present moment.

Who we are

We are passionate musicians, and lovers of traditional Indian culture & music.


I am born to a musical family, from the city that belongs to the Benares Gharana. We grew up surrounded by iconic masters. From the age of four I started singing, and from the age of nine I began playing sitar. Music is my life.


As a little girl I could not suppress my love for music. Though I am not born to a family with a traditional musical background I found my path to University and I am now a professional teacher as well as Master Graduate of Indian music.


I’m a Designer-Maker Artist and co-founder of Saarvadi.com. I’m aspiring to teach Sitar up until elementary level and am very glad to make the right connections for others interested in developing their talent for Indian Music. 


I am a full-hearted facilitator and connector, I believe that Anand & Annu can offer us profound and inspirational insights into a culture rich with magical wisdom. Their perspective will reshape our view on life and music.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which individual Classes are available?

We prefer to give live classes. Anand for Sitar and music theory & Annu teaches Vocal, Mantra, Harmonium, and music theory. Both Annu and Anand are available in Europe during the latter half of May and June 2024. Beginner and Intermediate classes in Sitar & Indian Music theory are provided by Jonathan. (We can also connect you with suited on-line teaching. (We are currently in the process of building contacts with a range of different teaching Artists.)

2. Do you sell Indian musical instruments?

Yes, we collaborate with high quality Indian music instrument makers. We make the connections for you depending on what you need. The products are then shipped individually to you. Here in NL We have a small selection of sitars and we sell maintenance supplies.

3. In which language do you provide your events

All events will be provided in English. If language is a problem, and you prefer Dutch language translations, you can contact us to discuss the suitability within the setting for the event.

4. What is an “authentic” Mantra?

We focus on traditional Indian music and carry forth traditions coming directly from qualified practitioners who are living within Indian Guaranas.

Our mantras derive from versions traditionally played within Indian temples and societies, mostly from areas around Uttar Pradesh. Although we recognize the value of non traditional or “westernized” versions of mantra; we see mantra having its greatest meditation and healing powers when sung in traditional Sanskrit and in Indian Languages, and with this. Indian music is at its heart.

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