About us & About SaarVadi

Indian music’s history dates back thousands of years. Respectfully we can still access these ancient teachings, passed down from generations, from the courts of the Kings, and here at Saarvadi we are committed to making those connections, and finding the authentic experience.  To achieve this we learn from the real generative, highly skilled, musicians from India and share their expertise.

Jonathan & Wanda – The driving forces of SaarVadi!

Jonathan & Wanda are the driving forces that brought the people on this website together 🙂

For over 10 years Anand has been teaching Jonathan Sitar, and over the last 2 years Annu has been teaching both Jonathan and Wanda Vocal skills and mantra. During our time together in India, Anand and Annu shared traditional Indian ‘Bhakti’, rituals combined with the singing of traditional mantra and Vedic knowledge. This last one deeply inspired.

From there Jonathan and Wanda invite our friends to bring their expertise with people in Europe (Starting with Netherlands and then the United Kingdom).

Are you looking for authentic, well-educated and experienced Indian teachers who can share the real tradition of Indian music?

At saarvadi.com, we strive to connect you with authentic teachers from India who can offer you a memorable and transformative experience. Whether you want to learn the basics of yoga, deepen your practice, explore the philosophy and culture of India, or simply relax and rejuvenate your mind and body, we have something for you. You can choose from a variety of online courses, workshops, retreats and events that suit your needs and preferences. You can also interact with our teachers and other students through our online community and get personalized feedback and guidance. Join us today and discover the benefits of learning from the real tradition of India.

Helping to bring Indian music and its traditions to Europe. We promote the authentic qualities of indian culture though sitar, dhrupad vocal, mantra & ancient Indian rituals.

To be an inspiring organization that spreads the joy and wisdom of Indian music and connects people across Europe and beyond.

About the name – SaarVadi

“SaarVadi” is a made up name, and is a melding of two words or concepts that permeate Indian Classical music theory. When thinking of a name for our organization it was nice to think that that it should start with the concept of “Sa”. Sa is the fundamental and underpinning foundation tone of the Indian music, it is in western music the tonic note.. Looking for names and combinations we liked that “SaarVadi” would have a double meaning. It is a combination made from Sanskrit words. “Saar” means core, the essence, or home; and “Vadi” is the second most used note in a raga, also recognized as ‘The King of notes”, The first note that is played, at the beginning of a raga, which sets forth the feeling for the entire piece is the “Vadi” note. The meaning of “Saarva” is “all” and “Adi” means “beginning”.

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