Dr. Anand Kumar Mishra

Anand Kumar Mishra was born 1983 in Benares (now renamed to its original ancient name of Varanasi) , in city of the Benares Gharana.

Anand started learning music at a very early age with his guru, the late Pt. Gopal Shankar Mishra.

It has been said that a very early age he had been sitting on Pt Ravi Shankars lap whilst Ravi was visiting, and performing with Anand’s father, the great Pt Iswarlal Mishra (Tabla).

After Anand had then completed his first early training he then proceeded under the guidance of Prof.Pushpa Basu (Sitarist and then Head of Department of instrumental Music, Benares Hindu Univercity) At this time also he learnt under the direction of the great sitarist Vidushi Krishna Chakravarty. Formally a student of Bharat ratna Pt.Ravi Shankar.

In 2003 the young Anand recieved the covetted young Artist Scholorship HRD Award, and was soon recognised as a Grade B Nation Radio Sitar Artist, at the age of 20.

Since then Anand has toured extensively all over India. He plays functions regularly in Varanasi and has also toured Europe, performing most notably at the Pt.Ravi Shankar Music festival.

Although Anand is extremely accomplished and a master of the Sitar and is an oracle when it comes to understanding the width a breadth of Indian Ragas he also very approachable, and is generous with his time. He has many students worldwide; many visting Varanasi and many also studying with him on-line. In between concerts, performances and studio recordings he continues to teach and compose and develop. Recently he has branched out into the world of sitar based fusion and also plays a zitar (an Electric Sitar), with his local band of musicians from the Benares scene.)

Anand aspires to begin working more as an internationally recognised Artist.

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