Wanda Idelovici

Wanda Idelovici (1978) Wanda is a lifelong musical journeyer. Wanda’s exploration of various instruments commenced at the age of 8, with the classical piano emerging as a steadfast passion. Music has always been her vessel for emotional expression within a private setting. As of 2008, her path took a spiritual turn, delving into Indian and Vedic studies that kindled a new inspiration. The resonance of mantras, sung harmoniously in groups, ignited another fervor within her, often stirring her emotions to tears of joy and beauty.

Presently, Wanda imparts her wisdom to groups, nurturing awareness of body, emotion, and mind. Over the past 15 years, she has fostered communal ritual and mantra singing, creating a shared ambiance of connection. Her recent voyage to India alongside partner Jonathan and their young child immersed them in Hindu culture, Vedic rituals, and classical Indian music. Wanda’s profound connection with Annu and Anand during this time has ignited a fervent desire to bring the essence of Hindu rituals and music to Europe.

“I believe that these two individuals can offer us profound and inspirational insights into a culture rich with magical wisdom. Their perspective will reshape our view on life and music,” says Wanda, radiating enthusiasm.

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