Do you want to book a customized class, suitable to your interest then we have two options.

  • You book an individual customized class, just for you, or for your own private group. For an individual class we charge €50,- (Annu) or €60,- (Anand) per hour. You will be guaranteed to be able to direct the class to your needs.
  • Your request might be a valuable topic for more people, in that case we will offer the class as a public event for our audience and advertise as such. You will pay €15,-. It might be possible that you still receive an individual class :-).

An overview and explanation of the classes that we offer you will find on our page dedicated to the different classes that we offer.

Though this link you find the music classes that are currently planned.

If you want to book a class, or orient to your needs, please contact us on:, or 06.15524911.

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