Mantra Melodies | Exploring authentic Indian chanting | Course 5x

Mantra Melodies | Exploring authentic Indian chanting | Course 5x

Dive into the soulful realm of Indian mantra singing and unlock the power of sound.
(5 Classes on Tuesday, May 14th, 21th & 28th & June 4th & 11th 19:30-22:00)

This course is designed for musicians and mantra lovers and mantra facilitators. This is for people who have interest in the authentic fundamentals of Indian Mantra and Music. This 5 week program offers an opportunity to learn from Indian mantra practitioners from Varanasi India, rooted from their real daily practice. They will explore with you the sacred transformative power of Mantra.

We will delve into the rich heritage of Indian music, incorporating both theory and practice. It is recommended for participants to have a basic understanding of a musical scale, and be able to hold time and tunes, as we will be exploring the convergence of Eastern and Western musical concepts.

We will explore the intricate arts with authentic Sanskrit Indian mantra singing. But not to worry; you will be guided by experienced and well educated musical facilitators (with university degree in music). Beside their musical knowledge, they have a deep devotional passion for their Indian culture, and especially that of a musical nature. 

It goes without saying that you will have the chance to explore your own vocal abilities and enhance your skills with your chosen instrument.

The program will cover essential components, such as learning the most important Taats (Indian scales) and Indian rhythm patterns. Additionally, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of different notes and their significance within the musical framework. As part of the training, we will familiarize ourselves with the IShala tanpura and Tabla app, available on smartphones, which serves as an invaluable guide. Furthermore, participants will gain hands-on experience in playing the Harmonium, and Tanpuri, a traditional Indian musical instrument.

What will you learn?

  • You will learn at least 5 fundamental Mantra’s/ Japa’s, their interpretation, use, and the meaning of the Sanskrit words.
  • You will learn how to guide the musical compositions in an authentic way, with your own instrument or with the app.
  • You will learn some ancient Vedic Musical foundations.
  • You will get a basic understanding of how traditional Indian Music is built up.
  • How to apply the right toning for your voice, or for the singing of a group. (Most Male/ Female)
  • You will learn and understand some of the Vedic roots of Indian Music. 
  • You will understand why certain Raga’s (and mantra’s) are used at different times of the day.
  • You will be guided to incorporate your own authentic mantra practice.

Throughout the course you will be surrounded by a supportive and small community of fellow musicians and mantra enthusiasts, creating an environment conducive to deepening your understanding and practice. This setting will further enhance your learning experience, allowing you to absorb the essence of Indian mantra singing and music in a nurturing environment.

This Course Includes

  • A handout with written explanation of Raga and Vedic Musical understanding, This handout will contain the mantra’s that we sing, and some extra ones, including their use, translation and interpretation.
  • 5×2,5=12,5 hours of authentic teaching
  • One Mantra Singing Immersion

Save the dates 🙂

  • 5x on Tuesday, 14th, 21th & 28th of May, 4th and 11th of June 19:30-22:00
  • 1x Mantra Singing Immersion: Thursday 13th of June 19:30-22:00. If this evening does not suit you, you can join one of the other Mantra evenings or Rituals for free; please contact us to sign up.


  • €115,- and €90,- for low income
  • Early Bird till 31th March 10% discount

Whether you are a seasoned musician or a beginner seeking to explore the realm of Indian music and mantra, this weekend retreat offers a transformative journey into the heart of a profound musical tradition.

Join us as we unlock the power of sound and experience the beauty of Indian mantra singing together.

Note: Please bring your own instrument, and it is highly recommended to bring your smartphone with the IShala tampura and tabla app installed for an enhanced learning experience.

We are looking forward for this deep Authentic Exploration!
Anand, Annu, Wanda & Jonathan


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