Dhrupad | Traditional Singing | A class for seeking self realization

Dhrupad | Traditional Singing | A class for seeking self realization

This class is for those wishing to go deeper with their singing (and themselves); by learning the quintessential Indian vocal techniques associated with Dhrupad.

What is Dhrupad?

Dhrupad is a practice seeking for self realization.  The term to describe the art of singing Indian Classical Music, ”Dhrupad”; the singing of Classical Ragas,  in itself, as a description, is not enough.  Dhrupad is actually a very complete system that has evolved. An Indian practice that can be traced back from over 3000 years ago.

Annupuirya assisted by her partner and fellow expert in Indian classical music, Dr Anand Kumar Mishra, will lead us in beginning to understand this very significant artform.

We will learn as both an ordinance and participant: to listen, to attune, and to identify with some very delicate subtleties.  This is a classical Raga’s purist artform and, needless to say, this class will unlock some very deep inner states.

The event is open to anyone with an interest in there own sense of being. Be it meditation, singing, sound healing, or spiritual exploration this will be a rare opportunity for you to enter into the world of Dhrupad, directly from a truly Indian center of spiritual practices.

Although an interest in singing, especially mantra, is helpful, no prior experience is necessary. Come with an open mind and a willingness to explore the transformative power of sound.

We are looking forward,
Annupuriya and Anand Kumar Mishra.

Wear comfortable clothing
You don’t need to sign in, but show up in time, as there is a limited amount of space 🙂

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