Journey of the Sun | 7 Ragas | Sitar & Vocal

Journey of the Sun | 7 Ragas | Sitar & Vocal

An unique progression of Classical Ragas performed throughout the day

In the Vedic tradition, the concept of time is intricately woven with the cosmic rhythms and the influences of the celestial bodies. The most influential celestial body is of course the Sun, dictating the time of the day. The choice of raga decided during the day mirrors the natural progression of energies, aligning with the junctures of dawn, morning, midday, afternoon, and sunset. Each raga evokes specific emotions and connects the listener to the universe of sound. As we embark on this day of Raga the sitar and vocal performances will serve as a melodic journey through the different phases of the day.

Each performance starts with a meditation, to tune into the moment of the day. During the breaks between performances Indian meals will be served.
There will be some moments aside of meditation, performance and meals where there will be time to relax, make a walk in the park, or talk with the performers, and ask in more depth about Indian Classical Music or Raga in specific.

Underneath you will find a time-table; We will hold to the timings though in this table, different Ragas are suggested. A traditional Musician will feel into the atmosphere of the moment including the audience, to choose the most suitable raag. Therefore we can not promise underneath raags will be performed. The performed choices will be a surprise of the moment. We do promise a rich and attuned unfolding will take place!


  • Meditation: 7:30-8:00
  • 8:00-8:30 performance of a raga; For example Raag Bhairav:
    This early morning raga is associated with the serene and contemplative ambiance as the day unfolds. The deep, meditative tones of Raag Bhairav set a tranquil atmosphere, capturing the stillness of the morning
  • Indian Breakfast: 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
  • BREAK / LOUNGE 9:30-10:30
  • Meditation: 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM
  • 11:00-11:30 performance of a raga; For example Raag Bhupali:
    As the sun ascends higher in the sky, Raag Bhupali brings a sense of joy and optimism. This late morning raga is known for its bright and uplifting character, resonating with the vibrancy of the late morning hours.


  • Meditation: 12:45-13:15
  • 13:15-13:45 performance of a raga; For example Raag Des: (midday 13:25)
    Raag Des, performed during midday, introduces a contemplative mood. Its melodic intricacies reflect the subtleties of the midday sun, evoking a sense of reflection and introspection.
    Indian Lunch: 14:00-15:00
  • Meditation: 15:00-15:30
  • 15:30-16:00 performance of a raga; For example Raag Pilu:
    Moving into the afternoon, Raag Pilu brings a soothing and calming presence. The gentle and graceful notes of this raga create a harmonious backdrop for a tranquil afternoon setting.
    Indian Snacks & Chai: 16:00-16:40


  • Meditation: 17:30-18:00
  • 18:00-18:30 performance of a raga; For example Raag Marwa:
    As the day progresses, Raag Marwa captures the essence of the late afternoon. This raga is known for its deep and introspective mood, reflecting the transitioning energies as the day unfolds.
  • Indian Dinner: 19:00-20:00
  • Meditation: 20:15-20:45
  • 20:45-21:15 performance of a raga; For example Raag Bhimpalasi :
    Just before sunset, Raag Bhimpalasi brings a romantic and expressive quality. The melodic richness of this raga harmonises with the hues of the evening sky, creating a poetic and enchanting atmosphere.
  • Evening Tea: 21:15-21:30


  • Sunset Meditation during sunset (22:03), lightening of the shrine 21:30-22:15
  • 22:15-22:45 performance of a raga; For example Raag Bihag:
    Following the sunset, Raag Bihag introduces a melodic tapestry that bridges day and night. Its graceful and expressive notes convey a sense of beauty and serenity, embracing the transition from light to darkness.

The intimate Living Room Concerts conclude with a musical journey that mirrors the celestial dance of the day, offering a unique and immersive experience into the rich tradition of classical ragas, complemented by moments of meditation and the delights of Indian cuisine.

You can join into any part of your interest, sign in as you like. The timings will be strict; so don’t walk in during performances if you are late.
* LOW-INCOME 25% off

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