Sacred Resonance | Vedic Mantra – a dayworkshop @ bij Vrijdag

Sacred Resonance | Vedic Mantra - a dayworkshop @ bij Vrijdag
An authentic meditative Indian vocal journey


With our teachers from Varanasi
Dr. Anand Kumar (Ph.D. in Sitar) and Annu Priya (Master’s in Vocal)

Sacred Resonance brings the essential elements of Indian Mantra singing into a day workshop. This facilitation can be enjoyed by any who aspire to improve their vocal skills and understanding for authentic Indian chanting. The workshop will be mainly experience based and will include a major part of vocal practice and vocal exploration framed within Vedic music theory. Because of the basic musical level, this workshop is suitable for beginners. The authenticity and the unique approach of Indian music makes this workshop probably also interesting for more advanced musicians.

Taught from the Authentic Roots
Varanasi (formally Banaras) is a city rich with cultural and spiritual heritage. Situated on the banks of the Ganges, it has been a traditional center for Vedic studies and music for about 3 thousand years. Its ancient atmosphere and connection to sacred traditions make it a significant hub for the exploration and preservation of Vedic knowledge; fostering a unique and enduring cultural legacy.
Our teachers blend professional expertise with a lifestyle deeply rooted in Indian culture. Their dedication to Vedic knowledge, religious practices, and music is evident in their ascetic routine, which includes daily meditation, ritual, chanting and mantra singing. 

During this workshop you will experience authentic mantra singing from the real roots, direct from its most auspicious center.

What to expect?
The workshop will explore the meditative aspects of chanting starting within the simplest form ‘Om’. Om chanting is a sacred practice symbolizing unity and is often used for inner peace and spiritual connection. With this basic chanting come a few fundamental vocal focusses: how to use variation on tone, timbre, and the noticing of resonances within our body.
After, we will focus on a simple chant (repetitive Sanskrit sentence), and learn a more complicated mantra. The presented chanting’s are authentic versions from Varanasi. Our teachers will explain the interpretation and correct pronunciation of the Sanskrit words, the intention and the deeper meaning of the mantra’s including their internal resonances.
We will end this inspiring day with an interactive concert. Anand and Annu Priya will take the lead with their enchanting voices, sitar and harmonium. Wanda will pick up the tempura so we can all surrender into experiencing the singing based on all we learned during the day.

Lunch & Tea
A vegetarian lunch and drinks are included, all in an Indian style.

Want to explore more?
In the weeks prior and following of this workshop more will be facilitated by our teachers for anyone who wants to dive deeper into this topic. Individual and smaller grouped lessons will be available. You find more information on
For those interested in delving deeper into Classical Indian Music theory, there will be an additional workshop at bij Vrijdag, scheduled for June the 8th. This session focuses specifically on the background of Indian Classical Music theory and does not include mantra singing. However, if you enjoy using your voice, we’ll be practicing Dhrupad, a classical vocal singing style. This workshop will provide the theoretical background of Indian Classical music, and gives a basic understanding of Raga.

€40,- (including lunch & drinks)
1th of June 10:30-16:00
@ bij Vrijdag Music – Akkerstraat 99 – Groningen


We are looking forward to meet you on this enriching day,
Anand, AnnuPriya, Jonathan & Wanda

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