Instruments we use and sell come directly from our contacts in India. Either we have them sent or we bring them back personally.


From experience we have found that newly built instruments are more robust . An old sitar can have a very nice matured tone but the unfortunate reality is they are more likely to break. On the other hand a brand newly made instrument, poorly chosen can be prone to warpage, especially with new sitars. So generally we tend to go with more recently made and well aged instruments but not antiques. Recently made (aged) or reconditioned instruments are a safer choice.

Checking for quality

Before bringing Indian instruments over into europe you can be assured that they are pre-checked for quality by our musicians.

We wouldn’t buy an instrument if we did not feel it had significant value for its user. Our sitars we feel are particularly special. Miore thgan often they have already been “opened”. Opening is a process of having been pre-played for at lease a year so that the vibrations in the grain of the instrument are now more alive. A newly made sitar generally will not have this, and need to be played for at least a year, every day, before they begin to reach toward the type of higher quality type of sound that we are looking for. We have bothe concert level sitars and student level sitars, priced accordingly. Each instrument individual and different.

Our Maker.

Our connections with Raul Nath Ji of Varanasi comes through our connection with The Benares Ghurana. Raul is our principle maker and sources most of our sitars, as he does for both Anand Kumar Mishra and Batuk Nath Mishra. Our business buys directly from the Raul. In conjuction with our connections Anand works with Raul to choose and determine the price of what is required. SaarVadi acts as the importerand your quality assurance agent, and is the only other middle business. This keeps our costs down, and it is a reasonable arrangement for everyone involved.

Don’t waste your money. Buy through us!

Buying a classical instrument from us could be compared with quality usually costing twice the price if bought from the more famous suppliers. You can trust that our quality is there, although you may not be receiving a name… be assured the quality is comparable. These are the genuine articles that indian musicians would and do buy. We pay indian prices at source.

“Out of a selection of 10 sitars I find one, or perhaps two if im lucky, that will be truely come to a beautiful instrument” -Anand Kumar Mishra.

Indian Folk Instruments

We also have a connection with a Ravanahatha maker. Please check out our Videos on YouTube if you are interested in buying a Ravanahatha. Ram Lal Bopa is the primary maker, working out in the desert of Pushkar, Rajistan. Buying an instrument from Ram Lal is also supporting an extensive desert community, as well as recieving a very special hand made piece of artestry.

Come to one of our workshops, or make a special appointment to try out an instrument.

You are welcome, if joining workshops, to experience the quality and try out some of what is in our limited stock, and please feel free to enquire more about ordering an instrument. As with our teaching we prefer selling in person, and wouldn”t recommend purchasing any delicate instrument without you trying it first in person.

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