01 Sitar : Raul Nath (Professional Studio models). Click for sound sample


Professional Studio Sitar.

Kharaj Pancham.  Made by Raul Nath.  Jawari by Raul Nath.  Newly made or refurbished Sitars by Raul Nath

Camel Bone or Ebony Bridges. (Other bridge materials on request).  Lightweight and strong new Fiberglass Cases/ by “Nirmal International” Kolkata or similar.


Raul Nath Sitars are very responsive and carefully crafted.  They are built light but also strong, and designed to be tuned high (D). Prices vary and are approximated depending on the mark. Quote include a new fiberglass case and delivery.  Further Enquiry’s are most welcome.

(The exemplar model pictured as been recorded naturally, on a single condenser mic (without EQ, etc).  


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