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02 Murchhana Sitar Click for sound sample


Murchhana.  Gandar Pancham VK SitarAntique circa Kolkata 1940’s 50’s?  Refurbished by Toss Levy 2021, with a new (fresh) Jawari,  signed by Toss Levy.  Antique and rare deer horn bridge.  Strung in Kharaj Pancham style, and easily strung back to Gandar Pancham (on request).

This intermediate level sitar has a beautiful long sustain and good, well developed mature tone.  It’s volume level is very good.

This collectors item is not only a joy to play but also ready for a serious student or similar enthusiast.  The instrument comes with a quality fiberglass case.

We would recommended, as with most of the older antique aged sitars, for they not to be tuned beyond the standard C# sharp, due to its older age and respected value.

This sitar will be sold on collection or for the customers own organized delivery insurance terms and conditions.  Enquiry’s welcome.

Murchhana Sitar recorded naturally without EQ or effects using a single Condenser Mic. (Here it has been recorded with both f /C# sharp base strings hooked).


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