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Unlabeled.  Gandar Pancham Sitar– Possibly from Mohan Singh’s Lahore Workshop. (There are some decorative details often found in other early Rikki Ram sitars/and Mohan Singh’s sitars with similar attributes) from circa 1950’s/60’s?  (Rikki Ram started out learning from this maker in Lahore, now Pakistan.).

The sitar comes with an original deer horn bridge and fresh strings, strung in Kharaj Pancham (Ravi Shankar Style).  The sitar has a large naturally finished tumba giving it an equally loud sound. It has a very good, distinctively developed tone; as you would expect with this age of instrument, level of craftmanship, and true condition.  All the pegs are well set, and it stays in good tune.

Some History and Further Knowledge:  Acquired during the 1970’s by a student of the Imdad Khani Ghurana teaching at Rotterdam Conservatory WMP.  The thumb position has been modified for smaller hands, and it is very comfortable to play.  For studying purposes this sitar demands that your right hand is set in its correct position. This thumb station modification is easily detached, but for a student with smaller hands is also very useful, and therefore it remains attached. This is a serious instrument, and has been very well looked after.  It is in excellent condition for its suspected age.    This is a quality sitar for a committed student, or a seriously practicing intermediate level player looking for a nice tone, or indeed a collector.  For safekeeping and because of its age, and possible value (being that it could possibly be a unlabeled Mohan Singh/Rikki Ram), it is recommended that it should not be tuned beyond the standard C# sharp.  It comes with its original wooden case.


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