We will arrange classes for you. With Authentic Indian teachers, whilst they are visiting us in Europe and with our connections with teachers (if known) who live in your area. If we are unable to provide live classes we can give you details so you can connect on-line yourself. Many students who attend live classes may also decide to continue with a course on -line afterwards.

Classes provide a easy and basic understanding for Indian music notation.. Traditionally Indian Music was not written and was taught purely in auditory formats. Therefor if you are not needing completely formal lessons, that would be without understanding notation and written structures, this is possible, but to reach higher classical progressions this would not be recommended for furthering skills past a beginners level instruction.

Learn basic or advanced Sitar skills. You can learn in person and with an Indian teacher during their visits. We can also advise about the purchasing a sitar.

Learn basic mantra’s. (See Mantra Concerts for which mantras we teach; the Gayatri or Twameva Mata). Learn pronunciation and meaning of the Sanskrit

Vocal Tradition
Learn to use your voice singing sounds rather than words. Typically the Indian version of ‘do, re mi .: Sa-r-g-m-p-d-n -Sa, freely. However it is a lot more involved than learning a scale.

Using chanting as a meditative practice. This is actually an aspect of Mantra singing but here we take time to really concentrate and get our Om working as it could, in connection.

Understand the theories and wisdom that resides within both folk and classic Indian music. Study the oldest of Ragas and Mantras, quintiessencially Vedic in there nature.

Click here to find an overview of all the planned Classes you can join.

If you want to book a specific individual class, please contact us: or 06.26253515 (Jonathan)

Sitar Classes

A Sitar will be provided for beginners during each lesson. With your own sitar you are welcome to join at a discounted rate. Maximum group size is 4. It is recomended for the course or for serious participants that they do eventually purchase a sitar. Best is to go out to India and get one. We can give advice for that, and we can also check out any purchase made here in Europe if so desired. We can arrange for instruments to be sent by post from India but at the purchasers own expense. We will also rent out a sitar with fibreglass case. (The Deposit Fee is the value of the instrumement.)

DR Anand Kumar Mishra (MA. PHD) Live in person classes- Avail. May-June 2024. Cost €60+ per hour, including for a group sharing. A shared group of 4 participants pay €15 each per hour. (On-line to be negotiated). Levels : Beginner/intermediate/advanced. (Excluding travel costs if it is a visiting private lesson.) Any raga can be requested for advanced study.

Jonathan Clark (PGCE) Live in person only. Individuals €40 per hour. First individual taster lessons are free. Group lessons up to a maximum 4 participants €40 per hour. A shared group of 4 participants pay €10 each per hour. An 8 lesson courses cost €250. (2 evening classes per week over a monthly period) Groups up to 4 welcome. Discounts available for using your own sitar for the lessons. Levels Beginners/ Intermediate. Ragas and compositions from ragas typically covered to include Bhairav, Bhupali, Yaman Kalyan, Cherukesi,Vachaspati, Miyan Ki Malhar, Madhuvanti, and Malkauns. Jonathan teaches from personal notes and alongside other materials such as Josh Feinberg, Sitar Method by Hal Leonard. Also recommended is -Learn to play Sitar- by Ram Avar “Vir” available online. Jonathans principle teachers are both listed here.

Pt. Batuk Nath Mishra. All India radio “A” graded Artist, (and world wide performing artist). At this moment only available on line or within India. Please inquire for contact details and for arranging any lesson. Beginners to Advanced. The more advanced the higher lesson prices are rated. Batuk Nath Ji will also provide pure vocal style/Advanced teaching.

Mantra and Dhrupad (Singing Classes)

At the moment singing classes are provided by Annu Puria. (MA) (live in person classes- Avail. May-June 2024). Cost €50+ per hour, including for a group sharing. A shared group of 4 participants pay €15 each per hour. (On-line prices to be negotiated).

What can you expect during receiving Mantra singing classes?

  • Learning authentic mantra melodies
  • Learning the proancuation and meaning of sanskrit words
  • Receiving a deeper understanding of the meaning of the mantra, and the deities involved
  • Learning and practicing meditational and ritual use of mantra

What can you expect during drupad singing classes?

  • You will learn to use your voice in a free way
  • learning skills in singing to a scale
  • Advanced traditional singing tecniques, such as meend

Vedic Music Theory

As mentioned, all classes will require you either continuing with Indian Music theory or by starting with at least a basic understanding for Indian music notation. For the ones who want to dive deeper into traditional Indian Music Theory, and the deeper philosophical background, there are classes that structurally build up for a more detailed understanding.

These classes will provide:

  • Understanding of Thaats, Ragas, (different musical scales), played in different seasons and at different times of the day.
  • Understanding of the Indian musical structures, the notations (swaras), in relation to the key notes within a song or raga, the sum, and the choice of vadi, and how they are both used within each saptak to build different feelings of emotion. Practice with the often differing Aroha (going up) and Awaroha (coming down).
  • Understanding of the musical pace within a song (or Raga) and its rhythms. How Taans are used to fit within a circular rhythmic pattern of beats.
  • Learning how to write and read within the indian Musical notation system.

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